Our warehouse location is near downtown Indianapolis, Indiana off of Washington Street. We install projects throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

1100 East Maryland Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202



Where can i view material?

Our warehouse location stocks a limited selection granite & natural stone slabs. While we work with a variety of materials & colors, we may not stock what you’re looking for at our warehouse. To view a variety of granite & natural stone selections, we recommend you visit one of our local suppliers, or contact us for a recommendation. 

How can I estimate the cost of my material?

Granite is a beautiful and durable material, making it a popular option for kitchen countertops. The material used, as well as the size of the kitchen, will influence the cost. Natural shades of browns and greens will offer the best value, whereas more rare colors will reflect an increase in cost. Every project is unique; please contact us today for a custom quote.

Can I use remnant material for my kitchen?

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, it may be possible to fabricate your countertops from remnant pieces. Small galley-style kitchens may be able to utilize granite remnants; however, there are several limitations to consider.

If your kitchen layout requires pieces to be seamed together, this is considered a standard kitchen installation and does not qualify as a remnant project. Typically remnant material is not large enough for a kitchen project. You will be limited to select from our most frequently used colors, and we may have to color-match granite from multiple remnants to complete the project. 


Can I put hot pans on my countertops?

While most natural stone is naturally heat resistant, we do not recommend you place anything hot directly on your countertop. Always protect your countertops by using trivets for your pots and pans.


can i use my countertops as a cutting board?

We do not recommend that you cut directly on your new countertops.